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  • Virtual care is here – We are using video visits.                    

Can I schedule a new appointment?

  • If you are new to SCHEINER Medical Center, you are able to schedule a virtual visit online or call the listed appointment number for scheduling options.
  • If you’re an established SCHEINER Medical Center patient, call your provider’s office or CLICK BUTTON to schedule a virtual or office visit with a provider you’ve seen in the past.
  • Virtual visits allow SCHEINER Medical Center providers to offer quality care for many types of appointments. But some concerns require a physical examination and/or testing, as do some forms of treatment. Your provider will decide with you which type of appointment is best.Are clinic or office visits safe right now?We’ve taken many steps to protect your health during an in-person visit, including:

What should I expect during an in-person appointment?Specific procedures vary by location, but patients coming to SCHEINER Medical Center for an appointment should expect: